In northwest British Columbia (B.C.), a mining boom is underway that could threaten Southeast Alaska’s salmon, rivers, fishing and tourism jobs, and unique way of life. Spurred by weakened environmental and fishery regulations and the construction of a massive new power line, over a dozen industrial mines are undergoing permitting or advanced exploration in the mineral-rich region bordering Southeast Alaska.

At least five of these Canadian mineral projects are located in transboundary watersheds of key salmon rivers including the Taku, the Stikine and the Unuk. These mines are likely to produce acid mine drainage and toxic heavy metals that could harm Southeast Alaska’s lucrative fishing and tourism industries as well as the traditional practices of Alaska Native tribes. These large-scale projects offer few, if any, economic benefits to the region.

The Taku, Stikine and Unuk Rivers start in Canada and flow into Southeast Alaska. All support significant commercial, sport, and customary and traditional fisheries in Southeast Alaska. The Taku is often Southeast Alaska’s largest overall salmon producer, with the region’s most prolific runs of coho and king salmon. The Stikine is usually a close second. The Unuk is one of Southeast’s top five king salmon producers and its eulachon run provides an important customary and traditional fishery. In addition to king and coho salmon, all three of these rivers support large populations of pink, chum, and sockeye salmon, as well as steelhead, Dolly Varden, and bull trout.

Salmon fishing - including commercial, sport and subsistence fishing - supports more than 7,000 jobs in Southeast Alaska and pumps $1 billion into the regional economy every year. Any pollution flowing across the border into Alaska waters from Canada could jeopardize this critically important industry.

Southeast Alaska’s tourism industry provides an estimated 10,000 jobs and injects an estimated $1 billion annually to the regional economy. This blue-chip industry could be tarnished by B.C. mine development upstream.

Currently, there are no enforceable policies in place to safeguard Alaska’s fish and clean water, and the jobs they support, from upstream industrial development.

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Information on the mining developments of the transboundary region and their potential effects can be found

For an atlas of watershed values and proposed development in the transboundary watersheds of northwest British Columbia and southeast Alaska, visit

Southeast Alaska’s Most Productive Rivers At Risk

The proposed Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell (KSM) gold-copper mine located in the headwaters of the Unuk River calls for three large open pits, an underground mine, and enormous tailings dumps for billions of tons of acid-generating rock. Over 250 individuals and groups recently commented on the KSM project environmental analysis.

Proposed for re-opening, the Tulsequah Chief mine, located on the Tulsequah River upstream of its confluence with the Taku River, has been polluting the Tulsequah River with acid mine drainage since 1957. Despite this ongoing violation of the Canadian Fisheries Act, agencies have taken little action to stop the pollution.

The proposed Galore Creek mine is located on Galore Creek, which flows into the Scud River, a salmon-producing tributary of the Stikine River. Tailings would be submerged in Round Lake, which drains into the Iskut River, the major tributary to the Stikine.

The proposed Schaft Creek project is located between Schaft Creek and Mess Creek, a tributary of the Stikine River. Mining the deposit would generate 100 million tons of waste rock in an area with extremely high seasonal water flow.

The Red Chris mine is located near the headwater lakes of the Iskut River, a major tributary of the Stikine River. Several hundred million tons of tailings and waste rock would be submerged in Black Lake, which drains into the Iskut River.

Each of these mines would pose the threat of acid mine drainage for centuries, if not in perpetuity. KSM andGalore Creek require huge tailings dams that will have to be maintained for hundreds of years. Water treatment for acid mine drainage and other contaminants such as selenium will likely be needed in perpetuity, yet the mine proposals do not include mechanisms to assure adequate funding for long-term treatment.

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